Leptin, Which Is Produced By Fat Cells, Controls Appetite And Helps Regulate Metabolism, Is Thoug …

As a result, many studies are focused on understanding how leptin can be used to treat both diabetes and obesity. One recent study in Geeks Health reported that an infusion of Leptin directly into the blood stream may help people with diabetes lose weight. But, for some, that may not be enough to lose weight and control their diabetes.

Leptin is produced naturally in the human brain. However, when the brain cannot produce enough leptin, it is necessary to add Leptin to the blood supply. Scientists have been using Leptin as a vehicle to introduce Leptin into the body for several years. Leptin is injected directly into test subjects (mice) through an intravenous needle. The lecithin-derived hormone infects the body’s cells with its own leptin gene.

Since Leptin is transported throughout the body by the blood flow, researchers have wondered whether injecting Leptin into the body would help regulate blood glucose levels. The Geeks Health research team injected mice with Leptin directly into their hind legs. The mice were then injected with a glucose solution, and blood glucose levels were monitored. Surprisingly, the glucose levels in the mice did not go up in response to the injection of Leptin.

The Geeks Health team suspects Leptin does not work as well in humans because Leptin is too large to be absorbed through the skin and bloodstream into the body. So, the team conducted tests using the mice as a model of diabetes. In these tests, the mice were injected with Leptin directly into the hind leg. Mice receiving the injection of Leptin did not show any significant increase in blood glucose levels or insulin. In fact, Leptin did not cause any changes in metabolism either.

Since Leptin does not enter the blood stream directly, this study does not prove Leptin is a successful diabetes treatment.This is not to say Leptin is ineffective or will not Geeks Health post work for certain people with diabetes. For example, it does appear Leptin works in animals. however, the Geeks Health study does not support that Leptin can help control diabetes in humans.

This study was done to determine whether Leptin can be used in humans to help control the onset and maintenance of diabetes, especially since most people diagnosed with Type II Diabetes have been obese at some point in their lives. When Leptin is introduced into the body, the mice did not show a significant increase in blood glucose levels. In addition, Leptin administration did not increase glucose absorption into the body and did not cause any increase in insulin in the blood. Leptin appears to work more effectively in animals than in humans, and therefore the clinical trial was terminated

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